The birth place of Japanese Anime

This is the station of my home town in Tokyo prefecture.
This statue in the station hall is the conductor of Anime "Galaxy Express 999".

My hometown is called "the birth place of Japanese anime" because Toei Animation is locating here.

The first Japanese anime "Hakuja-den(Legend of the White Snake)" was created by Toei Animation on 1958.
Many famous anime artists including Hayao Miyazaki were started from this Toei Animation.

Toei Animation has a museum that called "Toei Animation gallery".
We can study in here about the history of Japanese anime since 1950th.

They are continuing to create many famous anime
(i.e., Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, One piece, Yu-Gi-Oh!, etc...)

One of a current Toei works, "Fresh Pretty Cure!".
Huge amount of Japanese little girls are crazy about this anime now in Japan.

This Toei Animation gallery is near my neighbourhood.
Actually my hometown is the hometown of Japanese anime, haha.

We can also watch special tools used for the process of a traditional anime in here.

special camera used for shooting animation frames.

Of course this is traditional process, and now a days most anime are digitalized.
But most graphical frames are drawn by human hands as same as traditional animation.
Actually to paint colors are done by digital today.
But of course basic and important parts, or most part of inbetween animation are done by human hand.
For more details of anime making procedure, refer this link:

Average 3000 to 6000 frames are needed to create 30 minutes Japanese anime.
This means almost over 3000 graphics are drawn by human hands even though today.
Moreover all were painted by human hands before digitalized!
(We called this each human hand painted anime frames "Seru-Ga (Cel)"

I wish you to recognize that making anime is very hard work.
Unfortunately many people says "we can watch anime by free on internet".
But all anime are created by a lot of anime industry workers with their efforts.

Anime is a great art creation, and to create Manga is also very hard work.
I feel unhappy when some people think about anime or manga as like a temporary trend consumables.
I wish if you could appreciate for efforts of anime creators when you watch anime.

Kyaraben (character bento) workshop

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